Recognizing the value of higher education for all Federal employees, the Office of Personnel Management entered into an agreement with University of Maryland University College to educate the Federal workforce.

In addition to offering discounts on tuition, the Federal Education & Development Program will allow Federal subject matter experts to work with UMUC curriculum developers to infuse a public sector perspective into courses designed to prepare students for possible future Federal employment and advancement.

UMUC is also partnering with OPM to help close skills gaps in government-wide occupations, such as cyber security, information technology, and business fields like human resources, program auditing, and contract management. Our degree and certificate programs can help you master the skills you need to advance in these Federal occupations.

You can take individual courses for professional development or enroll in one of UMUC’s 82 eligible degrees, specializations, and certificates, most of which are available entirely online.

Experienced Faculty Teach Hands-On Applications

Our highly acclaimed faculty-practitioners go beyond theory and teach the hands-on applications of what you learn. Many of our professors practice in the fields they teach and have advanced knowledge in their subject areas.

Recognized and Respected Degrees

UMUC is one of the 12 member institutions of the renowned University System of Maryland.

Monica Graves Student Alum Liberal Arts Communications

UMUC provides the opportunity a lot of times for students to apply their knowledge to a real-life scenario…. I think that’s very effective.

Monica Graves

Veteran, Army

Spanish for Business and the Professions Undergraduate Certificate
Psychology Bachelor's Degree