They call themselves "the Academic Foreign Legion," and they have stories to tell. Beginning in 1949, University of Maryland University College hired "traveling faculty" and sent them around the world, stopping for eight weeks at a time to teach courses at U.S. military bases.

With the motto "Have Syllabus, Will Travel," these professors taught on installations from Iceland to Antarctica, from London to Okinawa, from the jungles of Vietnam to the deserts of Kuwait and Iraq and the mountains of Afghanistan and Bosnia. They even taught aboard ships at sea. 

As part of a documentary film project, UMUC has captured their tales of adventure to show how unique they were in the history of higher education and how important they have been—and still are—in educating generations of U.S. military servicemembers in war zones and other far-flung outposts around the world.

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Watch the trailer of an upcoming documentary that chronicles the experiences of UMUC's overseas Marylanders as they launched programs for servicemembers around the world.

The Stories of Overseas Marylanders

Watch the engaging stories of individual faculty members who traveled around the world to go where they were needed.

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There was no other university overseas. We were the ball game.

Joseph J. Arden

UMUC Video Thumbnail's not like it's your job, but it was your love of job. And you cherish every moment.

Vida Bandis

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I tried to pretend that it wasn't intimidating.

Nancy Derr

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I thought, what have we gotten ourselves into?

Aaron Elkins

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So I found myself in Vietnam teaching American History and Government, and very much opposed to the war.

David Glaser

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I had one student in that class who motivated me to work harder than anybody else.

John Golembe

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It was a true mission. It was a true calling for UMUC and its faculty.

Paula Harbecke

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I had some of the best students I've ever had.

Bruce Janoff

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To begin with, you have to be a certain kind of crazy to do this.

Steven Sharoff

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UMUC was the forerunner, the leader of the pack. The trail blazers.

Lorraine Suzuki

These videos were filmed during the gatherings of the Overseas Marylanders Association members in Adelphi, Maryland, and Heidelberg, Germany.  

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